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Alejandro Fantino portrayed the emotional meeting of his children: “It is so magical that it cannot be told”


A little over a week ago, Alejandro Fantino and Coni Mosqueira welcomed Beltrán, their first child together. Now, the driver showed the emotional meeting of his eldest son, Nahuelwith the baby and wrote heartfelt words.

Seeing my two children know each other, look at each other, know that they are brothers even though one of them does not yet know about that word (although the blood of brothers is felt spiritually), it is so magical that it cannot be told.“said Fantino.

Meeting children Alejandro Fantino

“I wanted to share with you this beautiful moment, because love must be pollinated and spread throughout the world. God and the Virgin have blessed us so that this is true. Beltrancito looking at Nahuelo and making a pact to love each other forever,” he added along with the photos of the special meeting.

Meeting children Alejandro Fantino
Alejandro Fantino with his two sons, Nahuel and Beltrán

How many children does Alejandro Fantino have?

Alejandro Fantino and Coni Mosqueira They were parents for the first time together; However, he already has a son: Nahuel. The young man, who is now 32 years old, is the result of the romance that the driver had with Sandra Algarbe before the age of 20.

The communicator learned of Nahuel’s existence when the young man was 11 years old. From that moment on he gave her all his love and to this day they maintain an excellent relationship. In June 2021, he dedicated a special post to him for his birthday and wrote: “Happy birthday, crack son. You are a good guy, humble, a friend of your friends and respectful of your parents and grandparents. It is clear that you were raised with values ​​in life by your mother Sandra and your environment where you grew up.

Alejandro Fantino and Nahuel 2

Time back in the radial cycle This is not Hollywood, Alejandro Fantino said: “It’s the best thing that could have happened to me in my life. And When you find yourself with a child that you don’t know you have, you have to throw yourself madly into love.. When I saw it, within 10 minutes I had that father-son connection. It is something that nature orders internally, it is a chemistry that exists. It is like a lightning bolt that connects you, comes out of your child’s heart and connects with the father’s heart; occurs. And that connection arose the moment I saw him, that we met, and it grew constantly.”

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