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Alekna with a fantastic world record in the discus – the previous record was set in 1986


Mykolas Alekna after the World Cup silver in Eugene, Oregon in 2022. Photo: Ashley Landis / AP / NTB.

Of NTB | 15.04.2024 07:43:05

Sport: It was the German Jürgen Schült who held the previous world record. He threw 74.08 meters in 1986, 16 years before Alekna was born.

The 21-year-old from Lithuania had a crazy series in the USA. All six of his throws were over 70 yards. He opened with 72.21, which was a personal best. He then followed up with 70.32, before it was 72.89 in the third attempt, the world’s fourth longest throw of all time.

In the fourth throw, it was 70.51, before the record throw of 74.35 came in the fifth round. The throw was first measured at 74.41, but it was later changed to six centimeters shorter. The European champion from 2022 finished the series with 70.50.

Mykolas Alekna took silver in the WC in Eugene, Oregon in the USA in 2022. In the VN in Budapest last year it was bronze.

The third longest throw in world history also belongs to the father of Mykolas Alekna. Virgilius Alekna has 73.88 meters and is a two-time Olympic champion.

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