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Alexis Puig spoke about his health after his hospitalization: “I continue working on the rehabilitation of my face”


Alexis Puig spoke after being hospitalized for a weekgave details about his health and said that he is now at home, with complete rest.

The journalist contracted dengue and, in turn, suffered facial paralysis. After the scare, he spoke with Clarion and detailed: “Today I was discharged. I already arrived at my house. Luckily, the last three days The platelets went up and it was what they were waiting for to discharge me.“.

Now I have a week of rest and I continue working on the rehabilitation of my face, which is quite good. I can move it quite a bit now. I estimate that next week, Monday or Tuesday, I will return to TV, to the news and also to the radio,” she said about her return to work.

Alexis Puig discharged

“It was a scare but they treated me very well at the Los Arcos Sanatorium and managed to stabilize me. I was very tired but it is something quite normal, from what they told me, regarding the issue of dengue.“, he detailed about the bad moment he went through. And he highlighted: “I am happy because I am with my kitten, who missed him a lot. And I’m going to take advantage of this week to rest and regain strength to continue working.”

Regarding the condition that was diagnosed, Alexis Puig explained: “Due to dengue, my defenses were lowered and otic herpes zoster awoke, causing paralysis. So the first symptom was paralysis and four days later the dengue symptoms started.“.

“Likewise, the first diagnosis had been that the paralysis was due to stress. The doctor who saw me told me that it was normal and did not mention the possibility that I had an infection, much less that it was related to dengue,” he added.

What happened to Alexis Puig

Through his Instagram stories, the journalist from The nine He was shown from the hospital bed, receiving intravenous medication for his recovery.

Things got complicated. We are going to fight it anyway“, wrote Alexis Puig without delving into details.

Alexis Puig hospitalized

In another post, the film and series specialist thanked his wife, Luciana Mendezfor accompanying him in this difficult time: “With my superhero holding me back“.

Alexis Puig hospitalized

After the concern, since Paparazzi They contacted the journalist and he told about his health condition: “I suffered half facial paralysis due to stress. And it got complicated because I got dengue. They admitted me because I was flying with fever and I don’t know how long I’ll be there.“.

In turn, the communicator’s wife spoke with Teleshow and added: “What happened to him is that facial paralysis was combined with dengue. We do not know if dengue somehow caused his paralysis or if there were two events that by bad luck came together.”

“He came from covering the Platinum Awards. The day he was traveling he became paralyzed but he was already committed to the trip and the doctors saw no problem with him doing it. It was a trip of a few days and on the plane back fever rose. So, as soon as we arrived in Buenos Aires, we went straight to the guard, He tested positive for dengue and was hospitalized. For now they are giving him serum and paracetamol through his vein, since it is the only thing that can be given to him when he has dengue.“he explained.

And concluded on the health of Alexis Puig: “Ale is stable, except that he is very sore and has a fever that has been contained with medication.. We do not know how long he will remain hospitalized, it will depend on how the blood tests that they are doing in the mornings go. He is in good spirits, just anxious to recover soon to return to work, which is what matters most to him.“.

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