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Alfa seemed remorseful when he re-entered the Big Brother house and targeted Catalina Gorostidi: “They took me out”


Alphathe former participant of Big Brother (Telefe) who had the opportunity to re-enter the most famous house in the country, revealed that he did not have a good time in the reality show and the production made the decision to remove it. Furthermore, he pointed out Catalina Gorostidiher enemy as a player.

Why did Alfa leave Big Brother?

In dialogue with Gaston Trezeguet in the streaming program Se Picó (Republic Z)the ex-little brother asked Walter Santiago “What really happened inside the house so that after a few days I ended up leaving it”.

Along the same lines, the car fan was sincere and expressed: “It’s just that I wanted to stay out of the house. That’s why there were many versions, there were some who called me ‘gonca’. They took me out of the house because I started to feel bad, and Furia went to the confessional and said that I It wasn’t right.”

“I hadn’t been able to sleep both nights. And the last doctor who came in, that day I was monitored all day. The last doctor who came in said ‘we have to get him out now’. And from the production they told me ‘Alpha, let’s go. Now this'”he detailed.

However, he assured that if it was up to him he would stay the days he had already scheduled in the house, and made it clear the health problem he had: “I didn’t want to leave. From there I left, I went in an ambulance to Las Lomas. I had a very high pressure spike. Many situations that occurred, added up.”

After consultation with Fefe Bongiorno about “If Ariel Ansaldo’s arrival at the house or the fights with Catalina affected him,” walter He answered bluntly: “I don’t care about Cata. Cata doesn’t exist for me.”

Finally, Gaston Trezeguet he asked “if he regretted re-entering Big Brother (Telefe)”and Alpha He concluded surprisingly: “I shouldn’t have entered the house because it’s another program, it’s other people, it’s another situation. I should never have entered.”

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