América TV made a sharp decision with Marcelo Tinelli’s program in the Copa América: “It’s no more”

América TV made a sharp decision with Marcelo Tinelli’s program in the Copa América: “It’s no more”

Marcelo Tinelli still can’t find the direction America TV Since the last interview with Messi did not meet expectations, since the departure of Juliana Furia Scaglione overshadowed it. His program with his cousin, The Tirri, It didn’t have much of a stir either.

That is why in Partners of the Show (El Trece), and citing sources close to America TV, the program of Marcelo Tinelli in Miami it doesn’t go anymore. They are going to cancel it, since its last broadcast obtained a 0.9% rating.

Why are Marcelo Tinelli’s program canceled from Miami?

“We are going to destroy Tinelli with a fury…” the driver began Rodrigo Lussich. And I add: “The issue of the low rating with Messi’s grade and then the failed program he did the next day with his cousin, which was not nice to see (…) And it closed at 0.9 rating points.”

It was at that moment where he intervened Nancy Duré and stated that he spoke with Martha Buchananthe general manager of América TV: “They didn’t like the program, they don’t want it on the channel anymore.” and continued: “The promotions still don’t appear, they lifted them from the programs as well. “It doesn’t go any further.”

In conclusion, Marcelo Tinelli will continue to enjoy his stay in the United States, as he will fully watch the matches of Argentina in this Copa América 2024.

What happened between Ángel de Brito and América

Angel de Brito showed his anger after learning through the network that America will modify the LAM schedule to put in its place a Marcelo Tinelli special with Lionel Messi within the framework of the Copa America 2024.

“I found out through the networks! How strange that no one from @AmericaTV called, with all the times they call per day! How nice they all are!”wrote Angel de Brito in his account on

América TV made a sharp decision with Marcelo Tinelli’s program in the Copa América: “It’s no more”

On Thursday, June 13, journalist Juan Etchegoyen told Miter Live (Radio Miter) that Marcelo Tinelli He is already in the United States to enjoy the Copa América 2024 and, in that context, he surprised by announcing his interview with Lionel Messi.

His talk was recorded on Wednesday, June 12: “Marcelo traveled to Miami because he recorded an interview with Lionel Messi that will be seen next week in America. “The channel will air the interview in prime time so LAM will be shortened,” revealed.

“The interview lasted an hour. very nice vibe between them and “There is a surprise for Messi that is not wasted,” he said. and specified that “Marcelo will present the note live from Atlanta and it can be enjoyed on Tuesday from 9:30 p.m. on the screen in America and that is the day that LAM will last half an hour less.”

Marcelo Tinelli

Furthermore, after his meeting with the Argentine star, the driver shared some images on his Instagram account where they looked very happy while they sank into his deep embrace.

Likewise, he dedicated a few words to him: “It was a very short trip with Luciano Tirri and Fede Hoppe, to be able to be with him. We had a wonderful talk, where we went through all the states. Laughter, emotions, complicity and a lot of love throughout the conversation. Thank you dear Leo Messi for your friendship, for your affection and your respect. It was a pleasure, as always, to be by your side. I love you. We Argentines and everyone in the world love you. You are great on the court, as a person, and you have that humility and greatness that make you different. Next week we will see this unique interview on América TV, with some surprises, with ‘El Rey Leo’“.

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