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An escalation of the strike on Wednesday could affect air traffic


Flights from SAS and Swiss air at Oslo Airport Gardermoen on Monday. Photo: Ole Berg Rusten / NTB

Of NTB | 06/03/2024 20:03:07

Weather: – It could have significant consequences for the activity and delivery of weather and storm forecasts for air traffic, for military traffic and for activity out to the continental shelf, says Ørjan Hjortland, who heads Unio’s strike committee, to NRK.

Avinor tells the channel that it is too early to say what consequences the escalation will have on operations.

The strike started on 24 May and was stepped up for the third time on Monday. Eight meteorologists from the Meteorological Institute were taken out on strike on Monday.

– Then more than 50 people at the Meteorological Institute will be taken out. We have applied for a dispensation from Unio here as well, but if it is not granted, there will be quite large consequences for a great many tasks. Preparedness related to nuclear safety, volcanic ash, and oil spill monitoring is then affected, in addition to danger warnings for land, air and sea, said director of weather forecasting Bård Fjukstad at the Meteorological Institute earlier on Monday.

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