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An ex of Elías Piccirillo, Jésica Cirio’s husband, told of the businessman’s unknown past: “Now that he has money he could return it”


Jésica Cirio and Elías Piccirillo got married at the Duhau Palace on Sunday, May 26 and, although everything was happy, in the last hours a woman appeared who aired unknown information about his past.

In In the afternoon (America TV)journalist Diego Esteves introduced the topic and detailed: “Pamela Moreno, the ex of Elías Piccirillo, new husband of Jésica Cirio, spoke from a very special place. She says: ‘I am hospitalized because of him, because of all the bad blood that I came to his side. She is very angry, they were together for a year and a half and the relationship ended when Elías asked her to borrow money, and she says he never returned the money.“.

Who is Elías Piccirillo, Jésica Cirio’s husband

Immediately afterwards, the production of the program aired some audio where the woman exposes the unknown past of the now businessman: “I met Elías a few years ago, in 2010. He was not someone who had a good financial background to now have everything he has. We lived in Florencio Varela, and the company where we worked moved from the center to the northern area. Then he and his sister were in charge of organizing the transfer with the van. Until from one day to the next we were left without traveling.”

He lived at the bottom of Florencio Varela, in a very humble neighborhood. When he separated, his sister lent him a small room where he lived, it only had a single bed. The truth is that she did not have a good financial situation, and we all left with almost the same compensation, so We don’t understand how Pel saw something that we didn’t see… He owes God and Holy Mary a candle to each one. By the way, now that he has money he could return it“, the woman said spicyly.

“Once they were talking on TV about her new boyfriend. Jessica Cirio, and Marcela Tauro said she had a lot of money. And I said that it couldn’t be this same Elías because he didn’t have a mango split in the middle, he was always asking. I couldn’t believe it, where did he get the money to get to what he got to… “We were all totally amazed,” he added.

“What we did notice is that, from one day to the next, when he started dating Cirio and when he was mentioned on television, He deleted and changed all the networks and left only the travel photos. Literal removed the past from him completely“he concluded Pamela Moreno about Elias Piccirillo.

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