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Andrea Rincón attacked her ex, Mauricio Corrado, and accused him of being a scammer: “He is a compulsive liar”


Andrea Rincon talked about her recent separation from Mauricio Corradoand told in detail why he decided to walk away.

The actress, who has been dedicated to the faith for a long time, was a speaker at a Christian event organized by the prophet Hernán Acosta, and pointed out against her ex-partner: “Jesus weighs your heart. There is a part of the Bible that says he weighs your heart and your faith. And it happened to me that the people I loved the most… Imagine that I even had a Christian partner, who was a compulsive liar, and you say: ‘I’m leaving’“.

The only Christian boyfriend I had is a liar and talks about GodWhat is it, a joke? God is the truth and lies are the devil, what are you talking to me about? I should have walked away“he shot sharply

And he analyzed: “I believe that God tested me and that is the part where your heart is heavy.. Because the first thing you can do is say: ‘If this is God, I’m leaving.’ Because I was a baby taking the bottle. The Christian goes through stages and in the most complicated stage, I was able to pass it.”

“Also, at no time did it cross my mind to say: ‘No, I’m changing churches, I’m going somewhere else.’ It’s this person who… Also there are a lot of false christians and that’s why people don’t believe in God. There are so many people far from God because there are so many people doing atrocities in the name of God.. There are a lot of false Christians going around, but I’m not going to walk away because of that. On the contrary, I am going to establish myself more,” he continued.

If you say you are a Christian, but you are a liar and you scam people, no… I am the one who has to preach the word more, although I am not yet ready to do it.. But talking about what God did in me, about the miracles that he did in me, to counteract what these people do who are false Christians and are doing the opposite,” he concluded. Andrea Rincon about the topic.

Why did Andrea Rincón separate?

Andrea Rincon separated from Mauricio Corradowho In September 2023 he had proposed marriageand explained all the reasons for what happened in the relationship.

In an interview for Mundo Flowers (Argentisima Satelital), When she was asked how her heart was, Andrea express: “I’m alone, I’m fine. It was hard for me because I had a lot of ups and downs because I tried to get a relationship back to the end. I’m not going to tell the details and nothing about the intimacy to respect the person.”.

“I think I deserve a chance to return. You saw that women grieve during the relationship”he added.

Regarding how he feels emotionally, he revealed: “I had a very difficult year regarding this relationship and several things that happened to me with many emotions that made me learn many things that also had to do with things that I had not resolved in my life. But I think it was a year of a lot of learning and a lot of evolution.”

Who is Andrea Rincón’s boyfriend?

Andrea Rincón and Mauricio Corrado They began their romantic relationship at the end of 2023 and both shared several moments together. In January of the same year they went on a trip together and he asked her to marry him after a few months.

“I feel good, I have a lot to give and people who give me a lot. I don’t lack love, I don’t need love from a partner. It’s a moment where I’m making a personal choice, at some point it will pass,” Andrea had said at the time, before announcing her romance.

Mauricio Corrado He is a physical education teacher and is a man who has a low profile. His networks are usually private, and he would have known Andrea Rincon by a mutual friend, although not much is known about his private life.

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