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Andrea Rincón revealed that she is bullied for being a Christian: “I had to stay away from many people”


Andrea Rincon She opened her heart and revealed that she has been bullied for a long time for being a Christian.

The actress, who has been dedicated to the faith for a long time, was a speaker at a Christian event organized by the prophet Hernán Acosta, and to the young people who witnessed the talk, she said: “I have never been bullied as much as for being a Christian…. It never happened to me in my life. They bully me and I had to stay away from a lot of people, people I love.and sometimes with some I row because I think it will happen, but with others I don’t.

“This is inexplicable because I was very brave… If you bully me, I can rest you from head to toe and hang you from the ceiling. I’m 39 years old, but the kids who had to live with this when they were little… It’s tremendous. I never imagined it. The bullying that I get for being a Christian…“, lament Andrea Rincon.

Despite all the bad comments she receives for her ideology, the actress is convinced of what she feels for God: “But there is nothing that makes me happier than being bullied for being a Christian.“.

It is worth mentioning that a few weeks ago, Andrea debuted as a Christian singer and was the target of ridicule online. Together with the musician Walter Encina he performed the Christian song “Corazón de Adorador”.

How was Andrea Rincón’s baptism?

In September 2023, the artist was baptized and burst into tears at the special moment. In turn, in 2021, Andrea Rincón revealed that she had clung to the Bible to get ahead in her fight against addictions, and last year he took a deeper step by receiving the sacrament. “’When one is in Christ, he is a new creature; old things passed away; behold, they are all made new‘2 Corinthians 5:17 – The Bible,’ he wrote in the publication with which he announced his new path. “My eternal love… Thank you Totally!”she expressed towards those who have been accompanying her.

Along with a series of photos and a video that show her submerged in a pelopincho pool and hugging her family, Andrea Rincón published a post where a pastor is seen guiding her on her new path of faith.

“Is it true that Jesus Christ is the son of God who came in the flesh to forgive us all our sins?” the man asked him. “Of course I do,” the actress responded, visibly excited. “Do you believe that God the father, the son and the holy spirit make up the divine trinity?” the pastor continued, to which Rincón replied forcefully: “Yes, I believe.”

Then came an extremely emotional moment, which generated automatic tears from the ex-vedette and actress. “Do you repent of everything you did consciously or unconsciously before God?”the pastor asked him. “I regret everything!”Andrea exclaimed completely broken. Just a few seconds later, the man helped Rincón immerse himself to receive the sacrament while those present, his grandmother, his father, among others, sang to crown the moment.

Some time ago, interviewed by La Nación, Rincón opened her heart and said: “Since I met Pastor Emanuel, on Sundays I go to church. He does incredible things. After that, I go to lunch with my grandmother and my uncle because they live nearby and from there I return to my house. It did me good to get closer to God. God saved my life and I understood that if I had picked up the Bible sooner, maybe everything that happened would not happen to me.”, he recounted.

“When I started reading the Bible, I realized that it is like the instruction manual for how to live. To be calm and not have to anesthetize yourself, you have to pray. I do it every night and every morning. I believe in Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, in God, and it does me good,” he concluded.

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