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Andrés Calamaro came out to support Lali Espósito for her version of “Mil Horas”, by Los Abuelos de la Nada


Andres Calamaro went out to bank Lali Esposito on the internet for his version of the song “Mil Horas”, by Los Abuelos de la Nada.

Through X (formerly Twitter), the singer celebrated that his colleague had made a cover of his famous song, originally released in 1983, and wrote: “Thank you very much Lali for singing our song. Which is everyone’s. Of a thousand loves“.

Proud of the artists and musicians who recorded the songs of Los Abuelos de la Nada. Grateful“he added.

Andrés Calamaro benched Lali Espósito

Then, Andres Calamaro He answered questions from Internet users and explained the issue of royalties for the song he wrote: “Lali does not need consent or permissions. It only applies if the lyrics are altered or translated. I support the motion from minute zero. I am with Mr. Cachorro López behind this fortunate adventure“.

“We celebrate it. Producers and artists have their share of royalties but normally we willingly accept what we get. We don’t even know how much it is in money unless we receive advances,” he continued.

Andrés Calamaro benched Lali Espósito

Royalties are abstract in most cases, or symbolic. But they correspond. It’s the way of doing things. It is a part of usufruct, whether it is record sales or streaming reproductions. Quicksand,” he explained.

And finally he added: “I have no idea how much my royalties or copyrights generate. I never ask. Not even with recitals and tours. Once a year I find out if we tied or lost.”

In turn, X user @GustavisimoG said that the version of Lali Esposito of “Mil Horas” will be part of the album “Éxtasis total. Las songs de Los Abuelos de la Nada” on which Cachorro López is working.

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