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Ane Breivik will not seek re-election as Young Left party leader – wants to enter the Storting


Ane Breivik, leader of the Young Left, wants a place in the Storting. Photo: Hanna Johre / NTB

Of NTB | 18.05.2024 16:29:36

Crime and justice: Thus she follows in the footsteps of her young colleagues on the bourgeois side. Both Simen Velle, leader of the FpU, and Ola Svenneby, leader of Unge Høyre, have both expressed a desire for a place in the Storting in 2025.

To Television 2 Breivik says that she hopes for a majority government consisting of the Liberals, the Conservatives and the FRP. If a place in the Storting becomes a reality, she also wants to contribute to Norwegian EU membership.

– I think my generation has a slightly different relationship to this. My sister was on an Erasmus exchange as a student. We grew up in an EU with Schengen where we can travel freely on interrail across the continent, says Breivik, who also believes that the current geopolitical situation makes Norwegian EU membership necessary.

She points to increased aggression from both Russia and China and an uncertain political landscape in the US, with reference to the upcoming US election in November.

– Then I think Norway is safest in a block with the EU.

She will also fight for a drug reform in Norway. Among other things, she wants to decriminalize user doses and investigate regulated and legalized sales of cannabis.

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