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Ángel de Brito attacked Luis Majul sharply: “He mistreats people”


Angel de Brito attacked Luis Majul due to an attitude with the LAM (América TV) reporter, and it was spicy.

The driver released an enigmatic message on his Instagram broadcast channel that said “This idiot… doesn’t know me yet?“, and had to go out and explain.

What Ángel de Brito said about Luis Majul

During the pass with Pepe Ochoa and Fede Bongiorno in streaming Bondi, Angel de Brito revealed that his insult was directed at Luis Majul: “He’s kind of a jerk… He mistreats people. He mistreated Ale, the LAM chronicler. He went to look for Marina Calabro at the radio, he got into the microphone to see if she was there, and he made a fuss about her.“.

You can’t enter my channel with a camera on, he called the production company, the bosses… he said he was going to call me“De Brito said.”Yelling and throwing them out of a place… then they cry and say they are criticized“, he launched spicy.

At the same time, Angel de Brito He said that he was invited to celebrate the first year of The Observer 107.9the radio station that belongs to Majul, but decided not to go: “They invited me, but I’m not going to go. I’m sorry, because I was going to do the show with Yanina Latorre, but since this guy is, I prefer not to go.”

When they asked him about the relationship between Yanina and Luis, the driver of LAM (America TV) shot: “They are going to end very badly because Luis is very heavy, intense and unbearable at work.. “I resigned from Majul’s program on La Red and on CNN radio we did a show that ended badly.”

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