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Ángel de Brito defended Mariana Brey after her strong confrontation with Pablo Duggan


Mariana Brey starred in a tough crossroads with Paul Duggan while they were doing Hard to tame (C5N). Hours later, the video of the moment went viral and Angel de Brito He came out in defense of his ex little angel.

In a conversation they were having about the country’s public health and the possibility of access that foreign people have to it, the panelist expressed her opinion on the matter: “I get in where I want and even though I don’t have the exact information… .because you like to talk about numbers. What I’m telling you is that here we treat foreigners for free, the public hospital treats them for free. Therefore, if an Argentine person who can no longer pay the prepayment goes to the public hospital and would have to be treated.”

Immediately, the driver could not help but show his anger since he is married to Karen, a woman from Venezuela: “I want to clarify something because this touches me closely. My wife could be considered a foreigner, she came from another country and later had an Argentine document and was a resident. Are residents foreigners to you?”

“If it came close to you, it’s your problem,” Brey quickly noted. So Duggan asked him again to answer his question: “But answer me if you’re not talking nonsense Mariana”.

Then, the journalist said: “I don’t talk nonsense, for you everything I say is nonsense. That is your interpretation and a value judgment about what I say all the time on the program, I am not responsible for that.“. But he insisted: “Are the residents foreigners? If you do not know do not speak. I’m going to warm up.” So Mariana Brey concluded: “Don’t call me stupid*”.

What Ángel de Brito said about the crossing between Mariana Brey and Pablo Duggan

Upon seeing the video that went viral on the Internet with the exchange between journalists, Ángel de Brito did not hesitate to defend his panelist. Furthermore, he remembered the various intersections with Guillermo Moreno in Hard to tame (C5N) and Diego Brancatelli when he was part of Argenzuela (C5N).

Ángel de Brito against C5N
Ángel de Brito against C5N

For that reason, the host of LAM (America) expressed on his


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