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Ángel de Brito defined Yanina Latorre and called her “crazy”


Angel de Brito was visiting I dreamed that I was flying (Olga) and talked about the personality of Yanina Latorrewhich is often criticized online for being very extroverted.

It all started with a joking comment from Migue Granados where he stated: “Yanina is a tremendous MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck)”. This is how mothers who are considered attractive enough to have relationships are defined.

“Yes, right? Hot. You have to bring it to you one day, it’ll drive you crazy,” the conversation continued. But she warned him about her partner: “She’s crazy, that’s how she is. She’s a very intelligent person, very focused, but she gets a little lost.”.

Ángel de Brito and Yanina Latorre will be in Bondi

Ángel de Brito and Beto Casella participated in the promotion of Bondithe new streaming channel Tangerine Contentswho released a fun trailer.

“The day @AngeldebritoOk drove #BENDITA and @elbetocasella #LAM”they announced in the publication of

The little angels Marixa Balli and Nazarena Vélez also participated in the acting, while Edith Hermida and Alejandra Maglietti were representing the Channel 9 cycle.

Finally, they warn that “don’t fall asleep” since On April 29, all programs begin to go live on YouTube.

On Mondays, Yanina and Diego Latorre will go live, who will be together for the first time in It has no solution.

From Monday to Friday, the driver THE M (America) will lead Angel answers along with Dalma Maradona, Iván Ramírez and guest figures.


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