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Ángel de Brito destroyed María Fernanda Callejón for furiously abandoning LAM’s cell phone: “It’s not even worth 65 cents”


Angel de Brito aimed against María Fernanda Callejón for getting angry and abandoning LAM’s cell phone (América TV) after a tense talk with the little angels.

The host of the program went on vacation and Nazarena Velez He was the one who took his place from June 10 until he returns. The mother of Barbie Velez presented a mobile phone from Colon Theater and asked to speak with Fernando to talk about your loving present with Fernando Gamboa.

At that time, after answering a question about her privacy, the actress was critical of the salaries they pay on the program: “A little kiss for LAM, who say I earn a fortune to go. My love, for 65 thousand pesos I won’t leave my house. In the Milei era, update the values.”

Ángel de Brito against María Fernanda Callejón
Ángel de Brito against María Fernanda Callejón. (Capture: X)

For this reason, Angel He came out to respond bluntly on his X account and expressed: “Is 65,000 pesos for two hours of work not enough?”. Finally, he stated: “It’s not even worth 65 cents.”

What happened to María Fernanda Callejón in LAM?

After the strong confrontation that the actress had with the live program of LAM (America TV), Nazarena Velez consulted him about the strong crossing of Marixa Balli and Guillermo Coppola months agoand Maria Fernanda answered: “I appreciated the unexpected fight, I never saw him so nervous. They were both telling the truth but with different looks.” And he said spicy: “You defended me again, but no one asked you. Anyway, everything is fine. Everyone said what they felt. You were by my side, of course…”.

Seeing her a little irritated, Cinthia Fernandez asked him: “Why are you so angry? You’re being a little rude.”

At that moment, while the return was being made, Maria He burst out and abandoned his cell phone: “Because you are divine… now I really got angry. I say things to your face, what do you prefer, that I say them from behind? We are chatting, let it go. Or are you saints? You hit me hard and even. Quite kind I went to give them this.”

It is worth mentioning that the anger of María Fernanda Callejón with LAM (America TV) It also arose from his crossing with Yanina Latorre some time ago, when he was upset by information about their separation and the panelist responded furiously.

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