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Ángel de Brito got tired of the Big Brother panelists and destroyed them: “They are a cage of crazy people”


Angel de Brito spoke about the debates that the panelists put together Big Brother (Telefe) after the strong confrontations between them in the middle of the program, and called them “unbearable.”

The reality show is one of the programs with the highest ratings on Telefe every day in prime time, but it also receives a lot of criticism. Sometimes fans get angry at the decisions the production makes about the game and the opinions of the analysts themselves.

However, this was no exception, since the driver of LAM (America TV) took the opportunity to comment on the confrontation between Ceferino Reato and Eliana Guerciowho treated her “misogynist”. Furthermore, he also made reference to other fights between Laura Ubfal and Sol Pérez.

After passing the tapes over the different intersections, Angel he attacked: “I thought LAM was the most unbearable program on TV, but no. I exhausted myself listening to them. The truth is, the panelists are a disaster. They call themselves ‘analysts’ and what they analyze the least is the game because they end up with personal things.”

“I value them all individually, but there they are all together… a cage of crazy people who forget about reality. Beyond the voices, the tone of Ceferino, they say we are analysts and they don’t say anything, they analyze each other,” continuous.

What happened between Eliana Guercio and Ceferino Reato?

Eliana Guercio crossed to Ceferino Reato for treating her “misogynist” in Big Brother (Telefe) and the panelist defended himself without any type of filter in the middle of the debate after the elimination of Coty Romero.

The analysts talked about Corrientes’ game within the reality show, but Guercio and Laura Ubfal They questioned her because they assured that she entered the house to “approach men” with the intention of breaking up the groups.

Among so many discussions, Agostina Spinelli was one of the first people who began to rebuke his fanaticism for Juliana Furia Scaglione to Ubfal since several in the study believe that they do not measure situations with the same yardstick between the most controversial player in the house and all the other participants.

Then the couple Sergio Chiquito Romero He took the floor and gave his opinion about Coty: “He came into the house, he revolutionized it, he was great, but it was of zero use to her as a player.”

There, he took the opportunity to make a comment towards his partner and noted: “Ceferino, I am not going to allow you to disrespect me again by calling me a misogynist.”

Without staying silent, Reato he remarked: “You’re a misogynist, that’s the problem. It’s not disrespect, it’s a description. Misogynist, you hate women.”

“I don’t know you at all, it’s the first time I’ve seen you here in my life. I’m not going to allow you the attribution of disrespecting me,” he claimed Guercio.

Finally, Ceferino Reato He highlighted the crossing he had with her along with Sol Perez a few weeks ago, and concluded: “Don’t act like a nun because you say terrible things about me and I take it as a game. Last week you were very aggressive with Sol and me. I don’t like nuns. If you want to be aggressive with me, ignore my response “You attack me and don’t listen to my response.”

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