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Ángel de Brito revealed the truth about the alleged rivalry of Marcelo Tinelli and Daniel Vila: “Pamela David told me”


In the last hours It was rumored that Daniel Vila did not invite Marcelo Tinelli to his birthday; however, Angel de Brito He denied it and told details.

Through his Instagram account, the driver of LAM (America TV) He played with his followers and when one asked him about the information they gave in Show Partners (The thirteen) about the driver and the president of Grupo América, he expressed: “They are liars who misinform“.

Marcelo Tinelli was invited to Daniel Vila's birthday

Pamela told me that Marcelo wrote to her to explain why he couldn’t go. All the channel’s hosts were invited to the birthday party.“De Brito revealed.

What happened to Marcelo Tinelli and Daniel Vila

Daniel Vilathe President of Grupo América, birthday last June 1 and celebrated it with a great party full of guests, among whom were present several stars of the channel, except Marcelo Tinelli.

According to Adrián Pallares, “All the figures on the channel, from the smallest to the largest, were invited except… But, I am in a position to affirm that the man who was little in that management, who will not be at the company table on the day of the delivery of the Martín Fierro either, and who was not invited is Marcelo Tinelli.”

In this way, the great question arose as to whether there is any internal problem between the couple. Pamela David and the American Programming Manager since this decision drew attention.

Likewise, Paula Varela revealed some details in Show Partners (The thirteen): “There was a table of drivers and it caught our attention that Mariana Fabbiani, Ángel de Brito and Alejandro Fantino, and Florencia de la V were on one It was put on another table since we know they don’t get along in the best way. And Marcelo was not there and, what they say, is that he was not actually invited.”

Then the driver concluded: “They love Marcelo more as a host on the channel than as a manager. And now that the Martín Fierros are coming, there will be a table with important people and he will not be there.”

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