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Ángel de Brito revealed the two famous figures who will enter Big Brother: “They enter with a mission”


Angel de Brito revealed this Wednesday that two great figures will enter Big Brother (Telefe) and questioned the continuity of Juliana Furia Scaglione within reality.

Who will enter Big Brother?

In the airr LAM (America TV)the host of his program stated: “Two people enter the house. They enter as a pair, with a mission. They do not stay, they do not nominate, they do not vote, they do not eliminate, they do not freeze”. And he clarified: “What I don’t know is when they’ll come in, because if they come in next week it’s shady to me.”

“They would have to enter before Sunday’s elimination because we don’t know who is going to leave. Two men enter, of different ages. Two imitators enter,” he explained.

Subsequently, Fede Bongiorno announced that it was an idea that they had already done in Big Brother Chile and Angel advertisement: “Pichu Straneo and Nazareno Móttola enter to imitate Furia and Emma (Vich). They do it in La Peña de Morfi, and Naza is Furia and Emma is Pichu.”

For this reason, regarding the new nominees, the host highlighted: “Beyond the fact that it is really fun, how it impacts the house, because it is information. This has to be on Friday at the latest, because the imitators are not going to enter on Monday and one of the two is eliminated.”

Then, Monica Farrowho was a guest angel, pointed out against the production of the reality show: “Or that it is already known that neither of them is going to be eliminated, as I think it is already known.”

Finally, Angel de Brito He insisted that the imitators could enter on Friday Big Brother (Telefe)because this Thursday the duo will enter Miranda to give a live show. However, Fefe Bongiorno He clarified that it is not possible, since that date is issued The Night of the Exes.

Who are the nominees at the Big Brother gala on Wednesday, June 5?

The new nominees of Big Brother (Telefe) are: Juliana Furia Scaglione (sanctioned until the end of the reality show for her repeated lack of respect towards her colleagues), Darío Martínez Corti (27 votes), Virginia Demo (13 votes), Emmanuel Vich (9 votes) and Nicolas Grosman (8 votes).

The Big Brother nominees at the gala on Wednesday, June 5
The Big Brother nominees at the gala on Wednesday, June 5. (Capture: Telefe)
The Big Brother nominees at the gala on Wednesday, June 5, 2
The Big Brother nominees at the gala on Wednesday, June 5. (Capture: Telefe)

Bautista Mascia received 7 votes, but was left off the board, although Martin Ku He will have to raise it as the leader’s decision since he has no other options to choose from. This Thursday, June 6, The Chinese will make the final decision in full live Big Brother (Telefe).

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