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Ángel de Brito’s strong request after Juan Darthes’ conviction for abuse: “Apologize to Calu Rivero as well”


Angel de Brito He was outraged after making himself known the six-year sentence of Juan Darthes for the cause of abuse against Thelma Fardinand the driver of LAM (America TV) He made a sharp comment about those who believed in the actor’s word.

“Now condemn everyone else. Justice for all victims of harassment, abuse and rape,” the journalist asked through his X account, in the post of Mauro Szeta informing that “The Brazilian justice system confirmed his guilt for rape and sentenced him to six years in prison.”

Ángel de Brito against those who defended Juan Darthes 1
Ángel de Brito against those who defended Juan Darthes. (Capture: X)

He then launched: “Darthes’ defenders, have they apologized yet?” And he pointed against everyone: “And by the way, also apologize to Calu Rivero.” The actress had also denounced Juan for different acts of abuse. AND Angel added: “In both cases, I’m talking about managers, producers, actors and journalists.”

Ángel de Brito against those who defended Juan Darthes 2
Ángel de Brito against those who defended Juan Darthes. (Capture: X)

Why was John Darthes condemned?

Juan Darthés was sentenced this Monday to six years in prison in Brazil for the abuse against Thelma Fardin.

“The Brazilian Justice declared Juan Darthés guilty of rape. It is the revocation of the first instance ruling that had acquitted him. At 5 p.m. there will be a press conference by Thelma from Amnesty. She is very happy,” reported Franco Torchia in DDM (America TV).

Carla Junqueiralawyer of Thelma Fardintalked with Teleshow and explained what Darthés’ sentence will be like: “He must comply with it in an open regime, that is, he can leave the prison during the day“.

“The Brazilian justice system declared the actor guilty in the rape trial against Thelma Fardín. The judges sent a clear message of justice. Firm step in the fight for the rights of victims of sexual and gender violence”they expressed from Amnesty International Argentina online.

It is worth remembering that Thelma Fardin denounced in 2018 Juan Darthes and claimed that she was abused by him years ago on a soap opera tour Ugly Duckling, when he was a minor. The trial began in 2021 in Brazil and in 2023, the Justice of that country had acquitted the actor. However, now the ruling has been overturned and he will go to prison.

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