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Ángela Leiva confirmed her separation from Gabriel Mikelovich with a sad message: “We have reached the end of an enormous love”


Angela Leiva announced his separation with Gabriel Mikelovich after a cold announcement in your Instagram account.

The singer seemed very hurt after being with her partner for two years and tried to be politically correct, and her ex-boyfriend responded with a story on her official Instagram account.

What did Ángela Leiva say about their separation?

“Hello loves. “I don’t feel comfortable writing this story, but I want to tell you that my relationship with Gabi is over,” the post began. And I add: “We reached the end of a love that was enormous, beautiful and special.”

Angela Leiva separated
Angela Leiva separated

Finally, the singer closed her statement: “Thank you all because you always accompanied us. I love you.”

Her ex-boyfriendGabriel Mikelovich, He also posted something on his official Instagram account: “For those who ask me, yes, it is like that. We’re done,” followed by a broken heart emoji. Likewise, in his story he is seen with a clown filter assuming that he went through something else.

Angela Leiva separated 2
Angela Leiva separated

And the post ended for Ángela Leiva: “I don’t feel the least bit good. “I was not born to be like this nor would I wish it on anyone.” “I prayed again that each day would hurt less.”

Ángela Levia on her mental health

Angela Leiva He spoke for the first time about the mental health problems he suffered, and preferred to remain silent. As part of his presentation of his new work “School and rock”, He decided to give an interview where he was asked about this situation that is becoming common among artists.

Due to mental health problems Tini Stoessel and Karina, she admitted: “Everyone, at some point, I think, goes through a situation like this. It’s not pretty at all. I understand that there are people who do require help. Luckily, I never reached a state of needing help.”.

And he clarified: “Yes, obviously, I do therapy and everything. I was lucky enough to find that support both in my private life and on stage, and with my audience. “That situation of understanding that one is a person beyond being an artist and often a product for businessmen.”

“It’s good and I like that the girls are telling what is happening to them,” he acknowledged. And he also referred to his case in particular: “The times when I was a little bad I preferred to keep quiet or not say it.” Finally, Angela Leiva hill: “I think it’s brave to say it on camera.”

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