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Ángela Torres spoke about her relationship with Rusherking, and affirmed her desire to be a mother: “I am more Susanita”


Angeles Torres visited Night Al Dente (America TV) and revealed how his relationship is with Rusherking, However, she revealed her desire to be a mother in full force. The interview took place within the framework of the presentation of her new work “Rent”.

“Mainly this thing that when they ask me about him I get a little intimidated, the situation intimidates me. Afterwards it’s all the same and I carry it with great peace of mind.”said the singer.

Minutes later, and in relation to his personal life, he released: “I’m more Susanita than I’d like to admit.”, began. And he added: “I want to have a family, but the other day I was talking about it the other day, and I said that it was bad. At first it’s nice, you have the baby, but then everything you have to go through…I would like to get married, be a mother, the celebration of love.”

Finally, we must remember that singers Angela Torres and Rusherking, they have been a couple since February of this year. The romance began after a trip with friends to New York City.

What is the name of the work that Ángela Torres is going to premiere?

Created by Jonathan Larson, “RENT” is a musical that addresses themes such as art, fame and the conflicts of a group of young bohemians in New York. “Rent” has captivated audiences around the world with its blend of romance, friendship and the struggle for art against the backdrop of New York’s vibrant scene.

Now with Angela Torresfeaturing one of Mimi’s leading roles, the production promises an even more unforgettable theatrical experience. Premiered for the first time on February 13, 1996, “RENT” continues to be an undisputed reference in the contemporary theater scene.

What is Ángela Torres’ love present?

Rusherking and Ángela Torres are the protagonists of a new romance rumorwhich was confirmed by Ángel de Brito but that the singers do not take charge of.

Therefore, they were rebuked by Show Partners (The Thirteen) after They attended the dinner together for the Luis Miguel showand they consulted the ragman about their possible relationship.

However, he preferred to avoid the question and took the opportunity to say that they were going to release a song together soon: “We’re going to release a song, I’ll take this opportunity to promote it. We’re fine”.

For her part, Ángela Torres assured: “We love each other very much.” So the chronicler insisted: “So there is no relationship?” “There is a relationship, of course”he stated.

Finally, they asked her about the reason why Rusherking’s ex-partner stopped following her on social media: “And why did China Suárez stop following you?”. “I don’t know, no idea,” she concluded as she walked away from the place.

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