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Apple and OpenAI in partnership – Elon Musk thunders


Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook announced on Monday the company’s AI venture, following the footsteps of many other major technology companies. Photo: Jeff Chiu / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 11.06.2024 02:12:59

Culture and entertainment: The purpose is to introduce functions with so-called artificial intelligence (AI) in Apple’s products.

Apple has a big launch of the new AI functions at its developer conference WWDC on Monday. Several of the functions have the voice assistant Siri as a starting point, and the iPhone manufacturer refers to the new functions as “Apple Intellingence”.

The value of the Apple share fell 1.9 percent after the announcement.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk lashed out against Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI. He threatens to ban the use of Apple mobile phones and computers in the companies he runs.

– It is obviously absurd that Apple is not smart enough to create its own AI. Nevertheless, the company is able to ensure that OpenAI will protect your security and privacy. Apple has no idea what actually happens when they hand over data to OpenAI. They sell you, writes Musk in another message on X.

In its presentation on Monday, Apple emphasized safeguarding privacy with the integration of AI services. Personal data is not collected or stored, according to the company itself.

Apple itself states that “you decide when ChatGPT will be used and you will be asked before any of your information is shared”.

Musk, who last year established his own company for artificial intelligence, xAI, co-founded OpenAI in 2015. Three years later, he left the company after disagreements with OpenAI’s current boss Sam Altman.

– If Apple integrates OpenAI at the operating system level, then Apple devices will be banned in my companies. It is an unacceptable security flaw. And visitors must leave Apple devices at the entrance, He writes on Xa platform that he himself owns.

His comment was shortly rebuked by X users who point out that Apple has its own AI model, separate from ChatGPT from OpenAI, and that it is Apple’s own model that is the basis of the company’s new services, but users can in some circumstances choose to use ChatGPT instead.

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