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Argentina’s president criticizes what he calls Spain’s satanic socialists


Argentine President Javier Milei presented the book “El camino del libertario” in Madrid on Friday. Photo: Manu Fernandez / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 18.05.2024 06:59:31

Culture and entertainment: Milei arrived in Spain on Friday, where he gave a speech to present his 2022 book “El camino del libertario”, which in English is titled “The Way of the Libertarian”. The event in Madrid was organized by the conservative newspaper La Razón.

– Do not let the dark, black, satanic, disgusting, cruel cancer-causing side that is socialism win over us, he said in the speech.

Earlier that day, Spain’s Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz accused him of spreading hatred.

– There are not many who spread hatred, but they make a lot of noise and flood everything, said Diaz, who is also one of the Spanish Socialist government’s three deputy prime ministers.

– Milei and other hateful governments are back with their austerity measures and authoritarianism, she said.

Diaz leads the far-left Sumar party in Spain, one of the supporting parties in Pedro Sánchez’s Socialist-dominated government.

Milei did not directly respond to Diaz’s comments when he delivered his speech, but he said his policies were bringing Argentina back on track “after more than 100 years of decline.”

On Sunday, he will take part in a gathering organized by the Spanish far-right party Vox, where several other leaders, including French Marine Le Pen, will also participate.

Earlier this month, Milei accused the Spanish government of “endangering the middle class with socialist policies that bring nothing but poverty and death.”

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