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Ariel Diwan’s deep anguish over not being able to see her son of the heart for nine years: “It hurts me”


Ariel Diwan reappeared on TV and talked about his war with Gisela Bernal to be able to see Ian again, his son of the heart.

It should be remembered that the theater producer and the dancer were a couple, and she made him believe for a year that Ian was her son; However, the biological father is Francisco Delgado.

What Ariel Diwan said about Gisela Bernal

Today, Ian is 11 years old and Ariel Diwan He hasn’t seen him for nine years. In a note with the journalist Matias Vazquez for Show Partners (The thirteen)narrated: “That moment was tragic, I do not forget it. Not long ago we were trying to close some things, but obviously it was an economic issue. He told me that he was going to let me see him, but that didn’t happen and it’s not going to happen. Ian is going to grow up and we will surely get together“.

“I took great care of myself because I thought I could see the baby, but I don’t have to take care of myself anymore. She just wanted us to settle the money, that’s why she told me: ‘yes, you’ll be able to see it, you’ll be able to reconnect,’ but it was a lie.. Now, I don’t care anymore what he says,” she stated bluntly.

It hurts me because I want to see him, I feel like he is my son. They explained to me that when he is older and has some concerns, we will surely be able to get together. I’ll never get over it“Diwan said anguished.

On the other hand, the former candidate for mayor of Morón spoke about his bad relationship with Gisela Bernal and revealed that he was a beaten man while he was with her: “He was brave, but you saw that, apart from that, I don’t give a profile that that could happen to me. ‘He’s so brave, his character…’ I feel that the Women can take you so high and they can take you to the bottom of the sea. Today I would have reported it the first time. But it’s strange, isn’t it? Incredible, but good. Nothing, I think it was a lot of experience for me. I think we all went and learned from all that. “It’s not pleasant.”

After his note in Show Partners (El Trece), the producer toured some television programs telling his story and seemed very distressed. In American breakfast (América TV), gave more details of her struggle to see Ian: “I haven’t seen him in nine years. I’m happy… Almost 10 years have passed and I’m still waiting for the years to pass. A psychologist once told me that when the child is a teenager, he will surely have a concern and we can resolve it among ourselves. If I have to wait for the mother to solve it, that will never happen.. He is 11 years old“.

Ariel Diwan

When I took away his last name, I lost all rights. It cannot be forced, it has to be of good will. But I am convinced that one day it will happen,” he said. And he added: “The first thing I would do is give him a hug.. Then, whatever happens. And if I feel that that doesn’t do him any good, I probably don’t have to see it. But I think everything is going to be good. I would like that hug. It would be good for everyone. He is too old to decide. But I feel like that’s not going to happen.”

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