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Arturo suffered a terrible accident in the Big Brother house and it worried all the participants


Arthurthe little dog that entered the house Big Brother (Telefe) In mid-April, he suffered a terrible accident in the patio of the place and caused a great scare in all the participants.

In the last few hours, a video went viral on social networks where you can see The Bros (Martín Ku, Nicolás Grosman and Bautista Mascia)next to Emmanuel Vich and Darío Martínez Corti into the water, while the pet ran and barked around the pool.

In an unexpected moment, Arthur He slipped on the edge of the pool and half of his body fell into the water. Fortunately, Bautista Mascia He quickly realized what happened and managed to get him to safety. Next to him, Nicholas He also tried to help him.

What happened to Arturo in Big Brother

Juliana “Furia” Scaglione once again generated repudiation for an attitude with Arthur after a video of Rage in the middle of the game with her teammates, running towards a microphone to sing, and the mascot behind her.

The animal became desperate when she saw it run, since it is a puppy and wants to play, and when it began to jump on it, Juliana he kicked him. (Video

The attitude of Rage generated repudiation on the network and users requested his immediate expulsion from Big Brother (Telefe)although they did not make any decisions from production. “Will Santiago del Moro continue to cover it up?”, “Big Brother has become anything if this is not a direct expulsion”, “This is animal abuse, I don’t know what the fucking limit is for them to remove her”, “Can you ask for expulsion “I mean, because it’s already sanctioned a thousand times,” “It’s already passed the limits,” were some of the comments.

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