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At least 35 killed in Israeli attack on Rafah – “terrible massacre”


Smoke from what was reported to be an Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip on Sunday. Photo: Josphat Kasire / AP / NTB

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Policy: The attack hit the area of ​​Tel Al-Sultan in the western part of Rafah in the Gaza Strip on Sunday.

The Civil Defense in Gaza states that at least 50 people have been injured.

Most of the dead and injured are children and women, according to the authorities.

Pictures and videos on social media that are supposed to show the destruction in the tent camp on Sunday evening show large flames and charred and mutilated corpses.

The Israeli military (IDF) for its part claims that the attack hit a Hamas facility in Rafah where several key Hamas terrorists were located.

– The attack was carried out against legitimate targets in accordance with international law, with the use of precision weapons and on the basis of accurate intelligence that indicated Hamas use of the area, says a message from the Israeli military (IDF).

The military also states that they are aware of the reports that the attack caused a fire in which civilians were injured. This incident will be reviewed, according to the military

The Palestinian Authority accuses Israel of deliberately attacking tents housing internally displaced people.

The attack comes two days after the UN court ICJ ordered Israel to immediately halt the military offensive in Rafah, open the border crossing there for emergency aid and allow investigators access to the area.

The Israeli government claimed earlier on Sunday that the UN court has not demanded a full halt to the attacks against Rafah.

The Red Crescent says the area that was attacked on Sunday evening has been designated by Israel as a “humanitarian area”.

According to the press service of the Hamas authorities, the attack hit a center run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Middle East (UNRWA). In a statement from the authorities, the attack is referred to as a “terrible massacre”.

According to the military, Hamas’ chief of staff for the occupied West Bank was killed, as well as a high-ranking official who was among those behind the attack on Israel.

Earlier on Sunday, Israel’s military reported that eight rockets were fired from Rafah towards central parts of the country. It is the first time in several months that the attacks are aimed at the business part of Tel Aviv, the military reports.

Israel has not complied with the UN Court’s ruling and has carried out several attacks against targets in Rafah over the weekend. According to the human rights organization Euro-Med Monitor, Israel carried out over 60 airstrikes against Rafah in the first 48 hours following the ICJ’s order.

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