Friday, June 14, 2024

At least 670 may have died in landslides in Papua New Guinea


Rescuers and local residents are searching in the masses of earth and rock that buried at least 150 houses in a village in Papua New Guinea overnight on Friday. Photo: AP / NTB

Of NTB | 26.05.2024 10:13:01

Accidents and natural disasters: Over 150 homes are said to have been taken by a landslide on Friday, not 60 as previously estimated.

– They estimate that over 670 people are under the earth masses, says IOM’s leader in Papua New Guinea, Serhan Aktoprak.

The landslide hit the village of Kaokalam in the province of Enga at 3am on Friday. The first reports were that over 100 people had probably lost their lives, but the Red Cross quickly estimated that there were probably over 500 victims in the ground masses.

The village is located in the highlands, around 600 kilometers northwest of the capital Port Moresby.

The landslide has destroyed the road, and a helicopter is the only way to get to the crash site.

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