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at least nine people killed in new violence in the south

The south of Chad is again bereaved by violence between communities. A group of breeders carried out a real massacre on Thursday, May 25, in the village of Bara 2, in the canton of Bengora in the Mandoul region.

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At least nine farmers were killed and three others missing during an attack launched to avenge one of theirs, killed in a fight.

It all started this time from a quarrel between a farmer and a breeder who had just put his oxen in the groundnut field of the first. Things will degenerate and, in the fight that ensues, the farmer is injured and the breeder dies, according to several witnesses on the spot.

A second breeder will then round up other herdsmen and traders from their tribe. They will launch a murderous raid on the village of Bara 2, not hesitating to kill all the farmers who were in their way.

The parish priest of Saint-Jean de Bouna, Father Jacob Mbaïaboum was on site, Friday, May 26, for the burial of the victims of what he calls ” a barbarity “: ” We were able to bury nine people in one place, in Barat 2, but we still have three missing. We have not found their bodies. The situation in Barat 2 is really lamentable, it’s horrible. Burned bodies, severed fingers… »

What happened in this village in the Mandoul region is different from the violence observed in neighboring Logone Oriental where many villages have been under attack for two months by unidentified armed groups which have caused dozens of of victims, estimates the priest and two inhabitants of Bara 2, even if they are worried about the future.

Earlier in the day, Friday May 27, a group of herders on motorcycles and on horseback launched an attack on the nearby village of Bara 1. Fortunately, a platoon of gendarmes deployed on the spot since Thursday chased them away “, according to the same sources.

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