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At least two killed and 33 injured in attack on building materials trade in Ukraine


Ukrainian fire services are working to put out the fire at a hardware store after two precision-guided bombs hit the large store in the city of Kharkiv on Saturday. Photo: Andrii Marienko / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 25.05.2024 18:53:58

Accidents and natural disasters: – Two people were killed. They were men who worked at the hypermarket. The number of wounded has risen to 33, says Governor Oleh Synegubov of Kharkiv Oblast on Saturday evening.

The attack hit a large building and hardware store, a so-called hypermarket, and triggered a large fire.

– As of now, we know that over 200 people may have been inside the hypermarket, wrote President Volodymyr Zelenskyj on Telegram earlier Saturday.

He condemns the air strike against an obvious civilian target in broad daylight and again calls on Western countries to provide Ukraine with adequate air defense systems.

Videos posted by eyewitnesses on social media show a large column of black smoke rising from the Episentr store, which is located in a commercial area.

– We have a large number of missing people, Kharkiv’s mayor Igor Terekhov wrote on Telegram shortly after the attack.

– Apparently the attack was against a shopping center where there were many people, this is pure terror, the mayor continued.

Russia launched a ground offensive in northeastern Kharkiv Oblast on 10 May. Ukrainian authorities claimed on Friday that they had managed to halt the progress of the Russian forces.

The Ukrainian rescue service says it is burning over an area of ​​10,000 square meters, but that the fire service is working its way into the destroyed building.

The city of Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second largest and is regularly attacked by Russian rockets. On Thursday, seven people were killed in attacks on the city, according to local authorities.


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