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Australia’s prime minister calls for Assange’s release


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese believes there is nothing to be gained by continuing to keep Julian Assange locked up and is asking for the Wikileaks founder to be released. Photo: Kin Cheung / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 21.05.2024 05:09:34

Crime and justice: London’s High Court on Monday gave Assange the opportunity to appeal the extradition to the United States, which will mean that it will take even longer before he is eventually brought to trial for having disclosed American military secrets.

This has prompted Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to repeat his call for the imprisonment and prosecution of the 52-year-old hacker to end.

– Nothing is achieved by continuing to keep him in prison. Enough is enough, Albanese told reporters on Tuesday. He said earlier this year that the prosecution of Assange cannot go on indefinitely.

Assange’s latest appeal is limited to assessing whether the American judiciary will protect his freedom of expression even though he is a foreign citizen.

The Wikileaks founder has been in the British high-security Belmarsh prison since 2019 after spending seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London before he was arrested. British authorities approved the extradition to the United States in June 2022

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