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Autain and Corbière refuse to sit on the group’s office in the Assembly

The rag is burning Insubordinate France. According to information from Parisian, the LFI deputies of Seine-Saint-Denis Clémentine Autain and Alexis Corbière would have refused this Tuesday to integrate the office of their group in the National Assembly. The two parliamentarians, figures of the “slingers” within LFI, would have made their decision during a meeting of their group at the Palais Bourbon, bringing to light tensions within the opposition party.

During the meeting, Clémentine Autain and Alexis Corbière allegedly complained of being marginalized by those close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “Well no, you can see that you are in the organization chart”would have retorted an executive of LFI, describing a real “melodrama”. “Yes, but you are doing this because you wanted to fire us”, would have answered the two slingers, according to a witness of the scene. Exhausted, they would then have ” asked ” to no longer be part of the office of their group. “It was like: you want to purge us, you don’t want us anymore. We don’t want to be there anymore because you don’t want us anymore.”testifies an insubordinate deputy.

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The two deputies advocate “appeasement”

Clémentine Autain and Alexis Corbière however did not definitively slam the door of the LFI office. The two free electrons “still both said: we’ll see in a few months if it’s better”according to a member of their party, who denounces an attitude “hypocrite”.

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Asked by The Parisianthe two slingers play down the incident and try to calm things down. “I will not feed pretexts to say that I denigrate LFI”affirms Alexis Corbière, who describes his gesture as “calming measure”. On his side, Clementine Autain “does not wish to exhibit publiclyyou » the remarks made during the meeting. “But indeed, I did not wish to sit in the office”recognizes the member, also testifying to a “willingness to appease” towards his party.

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