Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Baby died at Stord hospital – Misinterpretation of CTG may be the cause


Of Egil M Solberg | 11.05.2024 01:25:37

Hospital: The state administrator in Vestland has opened a supervisory case after the incident.

Subject director Andreas Andreassen at Helse Fonna tells stord24 that they do not want to go into the matter further as the inspection is ongoing. He adds that serious incidents like this are registered and dealt with internally at Helse Fonna, and that they go through the process in detail to find learning points and assess whether there is a need to change routines.

Stord24 has asked Helse Fonna several questions about the matter, but has not received an answer.

The supervisory case has not been concluded, but the State Administrator confirms that the CTG was misinterpreted on arrival and that the birth continued for several hours before the alarm was raised.


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