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Barbie Muriel, the woman who was Jorge Rojas’ lover for 20 years, spoke: “I tell it to heal, take charge and overcome it”


In recent days a big scandal has been uncovered around Jorge Rojas for a post on the network that he made Barbie Murielthe woman who was his lover for 20 years.

Through a heartfelt publication on Instagram, the Mendoza woman said that it was a special day because it was another year since she lost her baby with the singer. But what sparked the controversy is that, until that moment, it was unknown that Rojas had a lover, since he is married to Valeria Ojeda since 2012.

What Jorge Rojas’ lover said

This Monday in dialogue with Intruders (America TV), Barbie Muriel He referred to his story with Jorge Rojas and told details. “I came out to talk because I need to close my episode with him and my baby. We always agreed. We agreed to keep the relationship a secret, we have had it for 20 years“, revealed.

“I define the relationship as a bond that goes back many years. Our love is unconditional. I have lived in the United States for 10 years and we saw each other because he traveled a lot. The relationship we had was in/out. I didn’t bank anything, I made the decision of my life to go live in the United States and I was always free with Jorge’s company. I had my opportunity to grow in my professional career. The relationship was functional to my needs,” he continued.

In turn, the woman spoke about the baby she lost with the singer in 2018: “What happened was in 2018, when I came to Argentina to work during the season. I am a television presenter and I worked that summer for a Mendoza cycle. I accompanied him in almost all of his shows and that summer we conceived the baby. And she remembered: “On April 12 of that year I went to the emergency room at the hospital and Jorge was in Chaco. I had been telling him that I had been feeling bad and I had an ultrasound. During the ultrasound they told me I had internal bleeding. I went to the emergency room and lost it. While they confirmed the pregnancy, they told me that I lost it, it was beautiful news and then terrible.”

Post lover Jorge Rojas
The post by Barbie Muriel, Jorge Rojas’ lover

Regarding why she decided to tell her story with Jorge Rojas only now, Barbie Muriel expressed: “The trigger was that I didn’t grieve. I didn’t talk to anyone about it. However, on his side, his children and his musicians know it. His brothers also know it and I tell it because I covered everything up and went through a process of depression. So I do it to heal, take charge and get over it.“.

“Jorge Rojas accompanied me until Thursday. On Friday I published the disclaimer on my part and everyone is aware. He was always with me and our circle knows it. I love him. He is a wonderful person and I have the best memories with Jorge,” concluded the lover of the former member of Los Nocheros.

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