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Belu Lucius spoke about the operation she underwent: “She had a tumor with hair and teeth”


Belu Lucius She underwent surgery for an ovarian tumor and shared shocking details online.

The influencer said through her Instagram account that she entered the operating room for a benign tumor, and through a video on YouTube she showed the process and even the cyst that was removed.

What happened to Belu Lucius

I have a tumor with hair and teethit is my last YouTube video and I wanted to do it to accompany all those who at some point have to have surgery for some cyst or something that scares them, and they manage to do it by being brave,” he explained Belu Lucius.

I tell you that I have a benign tumor that has to be removed. It is called a teratoma and has hair, teeth and cartilage“, he said at the beginning of his video.

“Many people think that the teratoma is a child that I ate, or a brother that was born to me or that I ate when I was a girl. But it is not like that. It is a fat cyst and has other tissues, and it forms on any side of the body, it formed on my right ovary.“he explained.

After leaving the operating room, Belu Lucius He spoke about his health and showed photos of the tumor that was removed: “They are going to discharge me the day after having had surgery. They removed six centimeters of the cyst, last month it was five centimeters. The doctor told me it was mostly bone“.

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