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Benjamín Vicuña reflected on the role of haters in artists


Benjamin Vicuña analyzed the role of haters in public figures and how they can affect the daily life of each individual.

In a context where artists like Tini Stoessel either Emilia Mernes emphasize mental health and they are honest about the consequences that negative comments generate on the networks, the actor wanted to talk about it.

In this way, the Chilean explained in Olga: “You have to understand where those comments come from, from resentment, from hatred, from envy”.

“Today I see artists who talk about hate and haters and keep the bad reviews, You had ten spectacular ones but you are left with the one that doesn’t let you sleep“Benjamín Vicuña reflected, recommending his colleagues to focus mostly on respectful comments.

Tartu defined the current generation as “glass”

Augusto “Tartu” Tartufoli He pointed sharply at Emilia Mernes for suspending her show at the Movistar Arena, and shared a message that divided opinions.

Through his X account (formerly Twitter), the journalist wrote: “The glass generation does not want to follow the path of the artist. Everything must be immediate. Auto tune, little music, fast foodTikTok and the right to fill stadiums.”

“Almost everyone on the scene today chose to ignore that the artist’s path takes time and effort. The crystal generation was given it quick and easy. No wonder they don’t know what to do with their anguish if their art is null“Tartu shot controversially.

Tartu against Emilia Mernes
Tartu against Emilia Mernes

Earlier than ever they play the card of inner drama and MENTAL HEALTH, written in capital letters, to give some epic to their art, which is an empty set.“he concluded.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that Tartu minimizes mental health problems in celebrities; Last year, when Maxi Guidici (former Big Brother) attempted suicide, he stated: “What snowflakes… What a crystal generation, everyone in Dancing, please… Fears, anxiety attacks, vomiting, stage fright… At the age when these are defined as boys, my mother worked and raised 2 children at school age… How do they infantilize them, please…“.


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