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Benjamín Vicuña talked about his children, and revealed that they are in the football world: “They get spicy with the Copa América”


Benjamin Vicuna visited La peña de Morfi (Telefe), and revealed that his children came out very fond of soccer, in fact when the America Cup It is usually chicanery to see who wins. Likewise, he revealed that his children are very fond of soccer and athletes.

However, he confirmed that one of his sons, Beltranplays in the club Defenders of Belgrano which limits in the national B (second category) of Argentine soccer.

“I was into going out, but I was also an athlete and when you play sports you have to go to bed earlier, and my son loves it too, he loves football, but he also loves having fun,” he commented. And she added: “They all came out very football fans.”

“Beltrán, my other boy, is trying out for Defensores de Belgrano, they are all very football fans.” “They get spicy with the Copa América, they follow Argentina, they bully me. “My own children bully me,” he confessed.

Finally, Benjamín Vicuña closed: “They are my eyes, they are my life, some went to see me in the theater and they enjoyed it very much.”

What did Benjamín Vicuña say about his daughter Bianca?

Benjamin Vicuna he remembered his daughter Whitewho died in 2012, on the day she would have turned 18, and dedicated heartfelt words to her.

Through a moving post online, the actor shared a photo of his daughter and wrote: “I am looking for the words to celebrate the birth. The words are finite, like the photos. The memory, the memory and the love, no“.

“Today is May 15, a date that is more powerful than reason. Day when I celebrate life and imagine what could be. We all fall into that trap of creating and dreaming lives that never were. I can’t stop seeing Blanca and her recently turned 18 years old, with her long hair and her bare feet, I see a woman laughing with happiness, I see her tenderness intact, I see her eyes that did not change“, he expressed.

Benjamín Vicuña for his daughter Blanca's 18th birthday
Benjamín Vicuña for his daughter Blanca’s 18th birthday

Today I look for words and I only have emotions that the wind brings, bursts of love in the form of memories, scenes that existed and others that only live in my head. I look for a way to elevate these words, so that they can cross time. “I seek to know more about your steps that left footprints in the sand,” he continued.

“Today I write, knowing that the wind will carry my words in the sand, that’s why I scratched some rocks with your name. I love you, girl of the seas, of the depths. Happy birthday, Blanca,” he concluded. Benjamin Vicuna.

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