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Benjamín Vicuña was forceful about the abuse complaint that his friend Gonzalo Valenzuela received: “They are delicate things”


Benjamin Vicuña was interviewed by LAM (America TV) and he told how his relationship is with his friend after the report of abuse that Gonzalo Valenzuela received. However, she preferred to leave it in the private sphere, and stated that she saw him a few days ago at an intimate ceremony where the family was able to meet.

The ex of the China Suarez He was consulted about his friend’s marriage and stated: “I was there, it was two or three Saturdays ago, it was an intimate ceremony, very beautiful, where we were also able to accompany him with his children. “It was something super special and of course I keep it because it has to do with the private.”

Following her response, the chronicler took the opportunity to ask her if she knew anything more about the case she is leading for abuse of another woman, and launched: “It is something that he is handling discreetly and through legal means. I understand that there was a complaint…”

And Benjamín Vicuña added: “I know that it is something that he is handling privately and in the field of Justice.” Finally, it closed: “These are delicate things that cannot be discussed irresponsibly like this and I am not their spokesperson or anything to express an opinion.”

What does the complaint against Gonzalo Valenzuela say?

Karla Rochathe 51-year-old woman who denounced Gonzalo Valenzuela for abuse, she narrated last year through a video for Chilean TV what she experienced, and in Show Partners (El Trece) spread the clipping: “I’m going to tell something that happened to me this year, several months ago. I just arrived at a party, as a surprise. I was like fun, I was having a good time. And Inside there was a poker table and there were bills on the table and everything. And they invite me there“.

I sat down and next to me was the actor Gonzalo Valenzuela. And he shows me an extreme sex act on the phone and tells me to go with himand I tell him no,” he recalled.

In the middle of the street, he grabs my vagina from the bottom up, but still, very hard.. I was very bad and, the day I spoke to a psychologist and told her what had happened in great detail, She told me that everything was sexual abuse, and she told me ‘you have to report it’“Carla continued.

“He has a reputation everywhere as a womanizer. It has a theme with heavy women. It has a theme with heavy partying. “She has a heavy drug issue,” the woman pointed out. Gonzalo Valenzuela.

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