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Benjamín Vicuña’s moving message for his daughter Blanca on the day she turned 18: “I imagine what could have been”


Benjamin Vicuña he remembered his daughter Whitewho died in 2012, on the day she would have turned 18, and dedicated heartfelt words to her.

Through a moving post online, the actor shared a photo of his daughter and wrote: “I am looking for the words to celebrate the birth. The words are finite, like the photos. The memory, the memory and the love, no“.

“Today is May 15, a date that is more powerful than reason. Day when I celebrate life and imagine what could be. We all fall into that trap of creating and dreaming lives that never were. I can’t stop seeing Blanca and her recently turned 18 years old, with her long hair and her bare feet, I see a woman laughing with happiness, I see her tenderness intact, I see her eyes that did not change“, he expressed.

Benjamín Vicuña for his daughter Blanca's 18th birthday

Today I look for words and I only have emotions that the wind brings, bursts of love in the form of memories, scenes that existed and others that only live in my head. I look for a way to elevate these words, so that they can cross time. “I seek to know more about your steps that left footprints in the sand,” he continued.

“Today I write, knowing that the wind will carry my words in the sand, that’s why I scratched some rocks with your name. I love you, girl of the seas, of the depths. Happy birthday, Blanca,” he concluded. Benjamin Vicuña.

Benjamín Vicuña spoke about Magnolia’s curiosity about her sister Blanca

Benjamin Vicuña talked with Catalina Dugli for Hold on Catalina (La Once Diez) about the way in which Magnoliahis daughter with Eugenia Suarez, he constantly asks about his sister White and revealed the evolution that he has been able to give to the memory of his eldest daughter over the years.

When the host remembered how emotional it was to see theto small Magnolia ask his father if he looked like Whitein an interview that the actor gave in Chile, Benjamin He opened his heart to reveal how he has dealt with the questions or doubts his children have about what happened to his eldest daughter: “Magnolia appeared and out of nowhere asked this. And of course, as an adult, I understand that there is no replaceable person, much less am I going to put pressure on my daughter, but Yes, there is a curiosity in all my children and it happens to Magnolia who asks me a lot about Blanca: What happened to her? Where is she? and because? And again and again… I have tried with my tools and those that psychologists gave me at the time to try to answer the best for their safety. But in that note something was recorded that moved me.“.

In addition, Vicuna expressed how he has learned to deal with the absence of White: “There is an issue of naturalizing certain things that are part of grieving. Today with my children we talk about Blanca practically as if she were with us, we talked with a smile at the table as she put ketchup on the potatoes. We speak with love, with sweetness…”.

“I am going to continue doing it, because it seems to me that remembering keeps people from leaving, remembering with affection, with love and not with anguish. After 10 years I am already at a stage where I can remember from that place and Magnolia lives it like this, with sweetness and not with nostalgia“added the actor. On the other hand, Benjamin spoke about his role as a father: “As a father, I do what I can, I try to be the best version of myself with all my mistakes, my contradictions, with everything I am and with all the imperfection.“.

Similarly, Vicuna He stressed the importance of having a good relationship with the mothers of his children: “It is a matter of common sense, of judgment (although sometimes it is not easy)… We have a very good bond with their mothers and that is proportional to the love you feel for your children. I don’t like to lose line, but I also know that it turns out of all places if there is love for the children. That does not mean that for everything there is a tug of war, a back and forth, there are decisions to make, but it is important to have communication“.

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