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Berg experienced homophobia: – Naturally to ban


Bodø/Glimt’s Patrick Berg during the elite league football match between Kristiansund and Bodø/Glimt at Nordmøre Stadium. Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg / NTB

Of NTB | 12.05.2024 17:59:28

Sport: – We really don’t want that in football or otherwise in football. I just said, “What are you thinking? Look around you.” There were lots of children around him. He stands and shouts those words. For me it’s incredible, Berg adds the channel.

TV 2 reports that the channel has also seen a video in which there are homophobic shouts.

– I think that they (Kristiansund) should try to seek out that person and possibly come up with sanctions. I think it is natural to ban a person who behaves like that in the football stadium, says Berg.

KBK’s general manager Kjetil Thorsen tells NTB that he has not been made aware of the case yet.

– On a general basis, we are of course against homophobia, says Thorsen to NTB.

– I have heard from others that there was an incident where rude things were shouted, and we distance ourselves from that. We will try to find out what it was and identify it, then we will do what we can with that matter. Of course, we want to sanction if it has happened, says KBK’s event manager Truls Helland to TV 2.

Glimt won the match against Kristiansund 4-2.

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