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Between frustration and pride, the Union is still very much alive

But alongside the frustration, the feeling of pride was very present after the big collective performance performed by Brussels residents who had done the hardest part by letting the storm pass for a first one-way half-hour. In total pain and without managing to keep the ball in an electric atmosphere, the Union could thank Anthony Moris who left his team in the game thanks to two huge saves at the start of the game.

An attacking duo that works

After having succeeded in making the big back, the team was going to rely on its attacking duo which proved to be extremely efficient throughout the meeting. After a lot of work on the ball, Yorbe Vertessen served Victor Boniface who saw his shot from afar being deflected by a German foot in the opposing goal (0-1). The opener on the first real opportunity for Brussels was quickly forgotten after the equalizer just before half-time on a direct free kick caused by Lazare (1-1).

The scenario of the first half was again in order after the break with Unionists in total suffering, Germans pushed by their incredible public… and finally a scathing efficiency on the Brussels side. This time it was Vertessen who kept his cool after a hard job from Lapoussin (1-2). But it was written that this third duel of the season between these two teams would still experience its share of twists and turns. This was the case with this new German equalizer from the penalty spot…followed by another goal from Boniface, his fifth in the Europa League this season.

A defense that reassures

In the end, and despite the third and final equalizer in Berlin, the Union will remember that it will have scored three goals on only four shots on target. All without its captain Teddy Teuma, injured in the calf and who was successfully replaced by Oussama El Azzouzi in the middle of the game. She will also remember that the central defense reassured, despite the three goals conceded, with a Christian Burgess again in boss mode.

There are now 90 minutes left for Karel Geraerts’ team to successfully reach the quarter-finals of the Europa League. And make sure that pride definitely dominates the feeling of frustration.

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