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Biden reiterated opposition to a Rafah offensive in conversation with Netanyahu


President Joe Biden reiterated his views on a Rafah offensive when he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday. Photo: Susan Walsh / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 28.04.2024 21:53:24

War and conflicts: In an announcement from the White House about the conversation, they do not go into detail about what was said about Rafah, but Biden has previously made it clear that he is against an offensive there without a clear plan for the protection of civilians.

The last time the two spoke was two weeks ago, right after the Iranian rocket attack on Israel.

In the conversation on Sunday, Biden reiterated his absolute support for Israel’s security, according to the White House.

In addition, the two talked about the work for a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of some of the hostages, and they discussed increased deliveries of emergency aid to the Palestinian population by means of opening more border crossings.

Against the background of an increasingly desperate humanitarian situation in Gaza, Israel is increasingly being pressured by aid organizations and by the United States to allow more emergency aid into the area.

Israel has long been under intense pressure from the outside world, including the United States, and also from Israelis demanding the release of the hostages, to initiate a ceasefire. Egypt, Qatar and the United States have been working for such an agreement for months.

On Sunday, a Hamas official told AFP that they have no major objections to a new Israeli-Egyptian ceasefire proposal.

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