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Biden says Netanyahu may drag out the Gaza war for political reasons


Joe Biden says there is every reason to believe that Benjamin Netanyahu is prolonging the war in Gaza for political gain. Photo: Alex Brandon / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 04.06.2024 17:43:01

Policy: – There is every possible reason for people to draw that conclusion, says Biden in an interview with American Time Magazine.

The interview was conducted on May 28, just days before Biden himself announced an Israeli ceasefire proposal.

The American president has pushed for an end to the almost eight-month-long war. In the interview, Biden also said that he was unsure whether Israeli forces have committed war crimes in Gaza.

He would not admit that Israel has used hunger as a weapon against the civilian population in Gaza, but said the following:

– I think they have carried out activities that are inappropriate.

The statements do not impress the Israeli government.

– This is outside the diplomatic norms of any fair and honest country, says David Mencer, who is a spokesperson for the government.

Opinion polls show that Israeli public opinion supports the war, but they blame Netanyahu for the security failure on October 7. According to the polls, the people would vote Netanyahu out of the prime ministership.

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