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Big Brother: in the midst of the tension between “Furia” and Coti, Cariño lost his head


Juliana Furia Scaglione and Coti Romero they are still facing each other in the house Big Brother (Telefe), and it was the case that in the days that passed they faced each other again with their pets involved. We talked about the crocodile and Cariño, which ended with the decapitation of the stunt double’s pet.

Let us remember that in the women’s room there was a wall where if a person’s belongings were placed, they would leave the house, and Juliana did that with the crocodile Coti. For this reason, the woman from Corrientes decided to take Cariño to the door of the house, to counteract what they had done to her.

Scaglione He laughs at what happened to such an extent that he began to throw Cariño through the air, and he misjudged the fall, causing his head to detach from his body. He quickly heard the laughter of everyone in the house, and Bautista Mascia, He was in charge of “curing” him by gluing his head with small red ribbons.

For its part, Coti Romero revealed that the mascot of Juliana Furia Scaglione It is nothing more than a “Paye”, a macumba.

What happened between Furia and Coti Romero?

Juliana “Furia” Scaglione and Coty Romero They almost came to blows after a heated argument in Big Brother (Telefe).

The participants were gathered in the living room talking about reducing the purchase of cigarettes to prioritize food, when Furia made a spicy comment referring to Coty: “I made a comment to make us laugh, but They always grab something knit to make it sound spicy, because they have nothing else to do. Because they came to hell and they can’t figure out what they want to do.“.

“Why do you say that? What are you talking about?” intervened the woman from Corrientes, who entered the house a few days ago to revolutionize the participants.

You grab anything, small, as if you want to explode it… like in the previous Big Brother, they grab everything and turn it over… they make things bigger“Juliana crossed her.

“And what does it mean? That I envy you?” he jumped. Coty Romero. “Not to me alone, to all this Big Brother, because he is better than you,” her partner continued. When the participant from the previous edition asked her if she was afraid of him, Furia assured that she was not but that her presence in her house seemed unfair to her because she has many followers and she is already known to the public. (Video

After continuing to argue loudly, both women stood up to face each other and almost came to blows. However, Juliana put on the brakes and ended up kissing Coty. “I’m not going to yell at you, I’m going to kiss you in any case,” he told her.

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