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Big Brother: they confirmed that a player used the spontaneous nomination


Santiago del Moro confirmed that a participant from Big Brother (Telefe) made the spontaneous nomination after it has been enabled again.

The benefit of using both this nomination and the final one had been canceled after Bautista Mascia He received a warning for breaking the rules, the same reason he was removed from leadership.

However, after the environment warmed with the fight between Mauro D’ Alessio and Furia Scaglionethe all-seeing eye decided to reinstate this possibility that makes the game more spicy.

Finally, the reality show host announced through his Instagram account: “A player did the spontaneous thing last night“, implying that it was a man who did it. Could it have been Mauro?

What happened between Furia and Mauro in Big Brother

During the elimination gala Big Brother (Telefe) of May 5Santiago del Moro showed another part of the fierce fight between Juliana Rage Scaglione and Mauro D’Alessiowhere the player’s violent reaction ended with a sanction for the duration of her stay on the reality show.

Saturday, Rage exploded against Mauro in the middle of a rain of insults and screams. Internet users shared images of the tremendous fight online. But on Sunday, the production released other images at the elimination gala that showed the part that had not been seen. In addition to the brutal reaction of Rageyou could see the moment in which The player pushes Mauro.

At that moment, a huge number of Internet users began to demand that they expel Rage for having broken the limit of physical contact. However, many of her were shocked by the sanction that fell on her: being nominated for the rest of her stay in her house, without the possibility of being saved. In the networks they considered that the production of Big Brother He was condescending to her due to the monetary flow that the “Furiosos” – Juliana’s fans – leaves them in the votes.

“Sore**, everyone knows who you are sore***, kite!”Juliana shouted as she put her hands on Mauro’s torso to push him. “Enjoy the house, son of a bitch!” She shouted while D’Alessio mentioned that she is only interested in money. “That’s why you’re alone,” he told her. “Couldn’t it be that you’re alone?” she said. “Well, stay with your friends… how afraid I am of you… You’re nobody!”Fury shouted at him again while Mauro was sitting face to face.


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