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Big Brother: which participant won the house, and who won the lead


Dolphinthe daughter of Virginia Demowon the house in Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) and therefore his mother is the new leader of the week. Thanks to the support of her fans, the standapera’s daughter won with 53.5% to 46.7% of votes. Facundo the friend of Martin Ku. Both mother and daughter merged the moment with a tender hug.

Who won the house on Big Brother?

Dolphin won the house with 53.5% of the positive votes, and Facundo he achieved 46.7% of the public votes.

The visitor who does not win takes them, and tomorrow the other visitor stays, pays and at the end of the program he leaves”, explained Santiago del Moro. Then, at the gala on May 29, Delfina will nominate, and then grab her suitcases to leave the house triumphant.

Finally, Juliana Furia Scaglione he didn’t like it at all Dolphin win the house since they mainly didn’t let her participate, and because she is her mother she is her main enemy within Big Brother. Although her goals today are to get rid of Emmanuel Vich, she does not rule out getting him out of her in the future.

Why do eliminated contestants return to Big Brother?

According to Santiago del Moro, Big Brother (Telefe) will end the first days of July; However, each broadcast has surprises that delay the date.

Now, as the journalist revealed Augustine Kingall those eliminated from this season of the reality show will virtually enter the house to greet their former teammates.

Surprise in Big Brother

“Scoop: This week all those eliminated from Big Brother return to enter the house in video format. The little brothers will record messages for their former teammates so they can face the final stretch,” he explained.

At the same time, spicy, Angel de Brito He cited his colleague’s information and fired: “They couldn’t convince them all to enter. Thank goodness they denied me that they were called for a playoff in June. That’s why the Adorni from Big Brother were so nervous.”

When does Big Brother 2024 end?

On May 13, Santiago del Moro announced that Big Brother (Telefe) will end in July 2024. The reality show began on December 11, 2023.

Finally, the wait is over. Santiago del Moro made official the live culmination of Big Brother for the first days of July. Initially, it emerged that it could be July 8. However, the reality show host clarified that there is no confirmed date for the last night of GH due to television commitments Telefe with the matches of the CONMEBOL Libertadores and the Argentina National Team.

What is known is thatThe current edition will break a record because it will be the longest running version of Big Brother Argentina with more than 200 days. Ending on July 1st would far surpass what was the longest edition so far, Big Brother 7164 days between 2011 and 2012.

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