Friday, June 14, 2024

Big Brother’s Alan Simone released a preview of his first song “Your number I deleted”


Alan Simone He is already thinking about his future career after his time at Big Brother (Telefe) and, therefore, decided release her first original song as a singer.

The former participant had already surprised the viewers of the reality show when he made a cover of his friend Bautista Mascia’s song, “Ya no me duele”.

However, on this occasion he wanted to go further and was encouraged to take a preview of his next song written by him with the singer Vicky LB, “Your number I deleted”.

“The past is trodden on, I look at it from the side. If you want to come back, just to hang out. They gave me the information that you are now with another cat. The contract expired with you“says the young man in one of the stanzas.

What was the cover he released of “Ya no me duele” like?

Alan Simoneformer participant of Big Brother (Telefe)launched into music thanks to the song Bautista MasciaIt does not hurt anymore”and the video went viral on the internet.

After the elimination of both, the relationship, instead of advancing, cooled and was lost over time. Thus, online they claim that it was a song dedicated to Sabrina Cortéz, but the reality is that it was just a cover.

He is not the first person to bet on music: Wanda Nara, Ivana Icardi, María Becerra (who took the leap of making videos on YouTube), Oriana Sabatini, among others. There are many actors, models, and people in the media who throw themselves into music to explore new terrain and be able to go viral.

Finally, Alan Simone He was already singing before entering the house, and today it went viral since the house gives him that massiveness that he is looking for. Various users supported it and others preferred to make memes of what happened.


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