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Big Thief’s Buck Meek announces new album ‘Haunted Mountain’

Big Thief’s Buck Meek announces new album ‘Haunted Mountain’

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Buck Meek, the lead guitarist for the indie rock band Big Thief has announced his third solo album entitled Haunted Mountain.

Meek has signed to 4AD, and the new record will be released on August 25th, later this year. To celebrate the announcement, Meek has released a music video for the album’s first single.

The song is also called ‘Haunted Mountain’ and was co-written with one of Meek’s heroes Jolie Holland. According to the press release about the album, it will be about “something bigger than love, something that doesn’t challenge love exactly but stands in contrast to it. A soulfulness, or a soul-seeking fullness.”

Meek himself added, “Not break-up songs, but an actual love song written in earnest? That is taboo now. Sometimes it can feel like all the great love songs have already been written.”

The Big Thief guitarist’s band is comprised of Adam Brisbin, drummer Austin Vaughn and pedal steel guitarist Mat Davidson, the latter of whom also produced the record.

Meanwhile, Ken Woodward played bass on the Haunted Mountain sessions, as well as Meek’s brother Dylan Meek, who offered his piano and synths talent. Adrian Olsen helped to record and mix ‘Haunted Mountain’.

Check out the new single and video below.

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