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Bill Skarsgård nevertheless returns to the role of Pennywise


Bill Skarsgård in the lead role in “Boy Kills World”. There was blood – while in the upcoming “It” adaptation for TV, Pennywise’s clown mask will be put on again. Photo: Another World Entertainment / Handout / NTB

Of NTB | 31.05.2024 11:03:03

Curiosities and celebrities: King’s 1996 horror classic “It” is the inspiration for a new streaming series for Max with the working title “Welcome to Derry” – which is the city where the dancing clown, actually an ancient, evil force, wreaks havoc every 27 years.

The director of the upcoming TV venture is Andy Muschetti, who directed the two-part “It” film adaptation from 2017 and 2019. He is also involved in writing the script, which, according to Variety, “is inspired by King’s “It” universe.

The action in the nine episodes will take place a few years before the first film begins. Previously, Bill Skarsgård stated that he will not be seen as Pennywise in the streaming series, but now it is the other way around.

Bill Skarsgård was last seen as a deaf avenger in the bloody “Boy Kills World”, and before that in “John Wick: Chapter 4”. In the summer, he is currently in the lead role in the remake of “The Crow”.

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