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Billy Bragg says AI music “will never be the real thing”

Billy Bragg says AI music “will never be the real thing”

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Singer-songwriter and left-wing activist Billy Bragg has offered his thoughts on the rise of AI music, claiming that it will never be able to replicate the kind of tunes that a human being can compose, also noting the “transgressive” nature of music that cannot be achieved by a computer.

“The thing about music is that it’s an art form that is fundamentally based on empathy,” Bragg recently told The Independent. “A song, whether it’s recorded music or particularly live music, has the ability to make you feel that you’re not alone.”

“That feeling of going to a gig with 10,000 other people, and that sense that whatever emotions you’ve invested in that song are accepted,” he added, “And in that moment that you’re not alone… you can’t get that s*** online. [AI music] will never be the real thing.”

Bragg then noted the nature of rock music, saying, “Rock’n’roll by its very nature is transgressive… that’s what the greatest rock’n’roll is. I think it is absolutely essential to what rock’n’roll is about.”

The musician then signed off on his beliefs about the rise of AI music with: “It’s just another tool. I don’t think we should be afraid of it.”

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