BLACKPINK’s Rosé posted a heartfelt message about her future and music: “I will have other very exciting announcements”

BLACKPINK’s Rosé posted a heartfelt message about her future and music: “I will have other very exciting announcements”

Rose announced personally confirmed his union with the agency THE BLACK LABEL for local management, he talked about his international expansion, revealed that there will be new announcements and has urged his fans to look forward to his next activities, saying that he has been working on new music.

When is BLACKPINK’s Rosé coming back?

BLACKPINK’s main vocalist spoke about his new record contract with The Black Label agency -which is directed by Teddy Parka frequent producer of BLACKPINK.- in a post by instagram, in which he apologized to his fans for “the long wait” for news about his solo career. “I know some of you have been very eager to hear from me for a while.”

BLACKPINK’s Rosé posted a heartfelt message about her future and music: “I will have other very exciting announcements”
Rosé post about her music 2024

I personally didn’t want to talk or announce anything before I had everything lined up for my music to come out.. In simpler terms, I wanted to be prepared to back it up with something good,” said the 27-year-old New Zealand singer, songwriter, musician, dancer and model of South Korean origin.

“As everybody know, I come from a place where more things have been done for me than done for myself. So naturally I need time to learn, understand, doubt and trust myself and others.“he said, referring to YG Entertainment, the agency with which BLACKPINK debuted, which has always been questioned for the overwhelming limitation it imposed on them, in addition to avoiding giving them credits on the songs they have written, and the main reason why none of them All four members re-signed with the agency for their solo careers.

Rosé recording at Electric Lady Studios in New York

Park Chaeyoung -his name in Korean- confirmed that he has been working on new music, revealing that he has been “in and out of the studio almost every day” since the end of 2023 and throughout 2024. “As everyone knows me, I hate to say that I have something before having it. For me, there is nothing more important than offering them what I like most, which is music.”.

It’s been a year of mapping out and navigating where I want to be and what I want to do in the future.. “It’s been months of learning to be an independent person on my own,” she continued.I will have other very exciting announcements in the not too distant future, but the most important thing is that I would love for everyone to be very excited about my music.“Rosé said.

Finally, he stated: “So please be excited about my music! I know you have many questions, but this is just the first piece of an exciting puzzle for a much bigger picture. I love them“, the great singer..

After Rosé’s post, the entire leadership of Atlantic records began to follow her and share her publicationso many believe that the music giant will work with her internationally.

What is the name of Rosé’s new song?

In the early morning of February 11, Rose -Roseanne Park, her real name, and Park Chaeyoung, her name in Korean, caused madness on the Internet by opening her broadcast channel on Instagram – something that no K-pop idol has done so far – thanks for the greetings and wishes for her birthday, admitted that she has been away from the network because she is working hard on her new music and presented the preview of her new song “VampireHollie”leaving everyone in complete shock and excitement.

With his new contract with The Black Label, Rose becomes the latest BLACKPINK member to officially embark on a solo career after the group decided not to renew their individual contracts with YG Entertainment but stay together to move forward with BLACKPINK. Her bandmates, Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo For their part, they have launched their own companies.

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